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Welcome to Sanctuary Repose

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Share healing with loved ones with an E- Gift Card... 

Click the Book Appointments button above and select the "gift cards" tab on our Vagaro booking system (found on mobile by clicking the menu button in the upper left corner.)


Specializing in massage and body therapies for:

  • Pain Relief

  • Surgery & injury recovery

  • Trauma 

  • Scar tissue release

  • Swelling & lymphatic system

  • Stress

  • Mental health symptoms (eg. panic attacks, anxiety, depression, burnout, grief, derealization)

  • Reiki, energy work, & spiritual medicine services

  • Symptoms of neurological, digestive, abdominopelvic, cardiac, orthopedic, & respiratory ailments

  • Inflammation

  • Nerve impingement

  • Myofascial & connective tissue dysfunction

  • Pregnancy massage

  • And more

Using advanced training in anatomy, technique, and medical research, each Custom Therapeutic session is customized for your body and health.


We work with you to make personalized, realistic treatment plans, coordinating with other providers and resources when needed.

Marble Surface


Our spa services and massages pull from a vast range of modalities and techniques often missed in other spa settings, such as Ayurveda and myofascial release. It is a naturally meditative, painless, and effective experience (even for those who usually struggle to relax), addressing tension areas that are otherwise usually overlooked.

Thorough intakes let us know where to focus so you get exactly what you want, every time. Elevate your experience with hot stones, hot towels, and limitless other enhancements.

Custom made, herb-infused products for body treatments are sure to do your body justice.


Your Custom Therapeutic services are paced for you, designed for you, centered on you.

Coaching, Virtual Services, Energy Healing, and other affiliate services like Hair coloring, cutting, styling, and waxing are also available. Please see the Services and Prices page for full details.

We Accept Spa Week and Spa Finder Gift Cards! 

Just let us know you'll be using one and book with us via email, text, or call. The online booking system is not compatible with these cards. 

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  • Up to 20% off of your first visit: First visit as low as $34

  • Five membership options

  • Bundle packages: Save up to $480​

  • Interest Free Financing

  • Sliding Scale Recovery Plans

  • Regular Service Rates starting at $40

  • Free and low price luxury add ons

Our services are non-sexual in nature. This is a safe healing environment with well-established boundaries to make sure that all clients and practitioners, especially trauma survivors, feel comfortable and at ease.


Due to a high volume of sexual solicitation calls, we openly name the consequences of requesting sexual services from massage practices. Click here to read our behavioral policy. 

Compression massage using elbow to massage back muscles

Not all massages are alike.

Using both Orthopedic & Medical modalities and Luxury Spa services allows us to offer diverse care.

Learn about different techniques and services to choose what's right for you. 

Swedish massage with practitioner using oil on the client's shoulder
Image by Augustine Wong

Don't know which service to choose? Take this quick quiz!


There's a First for Everything

If you've never had a professional massage before, we have answers to your questions. Visit the FAQ page and learn more about the process.

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Have you ever wondered what goes into the cost of a massage?

Explore the industry and how it affects your wallet.

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