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Specialty Massage

Flexible, fluid improv to tend to your specific needs. The best session choice for pain relief and treating medical situations. 

Repose Routines

Designed with the greatest care in mind; mostly set routines but can be tailored to focus areas. Affordable prices, best used for relaxation.

Body Scrub Massages


Uplifting massage with hand made scrubs to improve circulation, skin and soft tissue health, and energy.

Packages and Multi-Service Retreats


Treat your entire being with services to aid in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.


Make your dream session. These affordable enhancements do not extend service time, but greatly expand your relaxation.

Heat Packs ~ Free

Homemade and hand sewn with flaxseed or rice to hold heat with a gentle weight

Warm or Hot Stones ~ $15

Basalt, Himalayan Salt, or hand crafted ceramic Synergy Stones may be available

Aromatherapy ~ Free

Blends of mood soothing essential oils sprayed on fresh linens

Heated Bamboo ~ $10

Heated bamboo to roll and decompress areas of tension and adhesions.

Somatic Guidance ~ Free

Guided body scanning meditation to build safety in your sensations, and explore your body-mind connection. Especially helpful in healing trauma and mental health symptoms.

Warm or Hot Towels ~ Free

Fluffy, and soft steamed towels chosen individually for texture

Castor Oil Packs ~ $10

Castor oil is rubbed generously onto the abdomen, the area is wrapped, and a heat pack is placed on top. Helps with fibroids, uterine cysts, visceral adhesions, and more.

Heated or Weighted Blanket ~ Free

Tucked between the top sheet and blanket for deep warmth or security

Ivy the Support Deer ~ Free

A limited edition Squishmallow pal to accompany you to your session for emotional support

Children's (Or Inner Child) Pack ~ $5

Fun printed linens, pick your own fuzzy slippers to wear in office, sensory items and plushies for the service, activity pages to take home 

Premium Enhancements


Add these onto your base service, AND extend your treatment. Note: These may not be purchased alone and must be added to a base service (Repose Routine or Specialty Massage).

Custom Herbal Blend Face Massage ~ $20

Add 15 minutes. Ayurvedic herbal oils balance and rejuvenate. Lymphatic and marma point massage reduces swelling, clears sinuses, and enhances cell turnover. Smooth, cooling stone tools and hot towels may be applied.

Techniques learned from Mrs. Jayshree Rathod. See her gorgeous Ellicott City spa, Vedic Spa, by clicking here.

Foot or Hand Scrub ~ $7

Add 5 minutes. Locally crafted scrubs are applied to your choice of feet or hands with invigorating Swedish massage techniques for enhanced circulation, and hot toweled off.

Scalp Massage with Argan or Herbal Oil ~ $5

Add 5 minutes. Soothe your scalp with Moroccan Argan Oil or oil infused with Ayurvedic herbs like Neem, Amla, and Bhringaraj when available. 
Oil companies are checked for ethical sourcing.

Meditative Tranquility ~ $7

Add 10 minutes. Before your session starts, settle in by laying on the heated table with a 10 minute guided meditation recording, aromatherapy experience, acupressure, and/or scalp massage. 

Paraffin Treatment: Hand, Foot, or Joints ~12

Add 10 minutes. The heat from this healing wax can ease arthritis pain, and leaves your skin feeling silky. 
It is brushed on while warm, then wrapped and cradled in heat packs to soothe the tissues.

Leg Scrub ~ $25

Add 15 minutes. Locally crafted scrubs are applied to the front and back of legs with invigorating Swedish massage techniques for enhanced circulation, and hot toweled off.

Back and Arm Scrub ~ $25

Add 15 minutes. Locally crafted scrubs are applied to the back and arms with invigorating Swedish massage techniques for enhanced circulation, and hot toweled off.

Energy Work, Spiritual Healing, or Reiki ~ $25

Add 15 minutes. Chakra and energy point balancing, aura sweeping, somatic guidance, and various other methods. Please see the footnote regarding Reiki practices.

Nest and Nap ~ $15 or $27

Add 15 or 30 minutes. Enjoy the room to yourself after your session, cradled in the blankets and serene soundscapes. You can nap, meditate, or "come to" slowly. 

Freshen up with hot or cool towels, spray deodorant, dry shampoo, lotion, hair ties, or facial wipes provided.
Let us know before the session if you'd like coffee, tea, water, or (if available) a snack to be brought to your tranquil nest.   

Meditating on Bed

Outcall / In-Home Services

COMING IN 2023...

A massage therapist may be available to come to your place of residence to complete services in the following circumstances**:

  • Chronic Illness (Physical or Mental) Preventing Travel

  • Disability Preventing Travel

  • Hospice Care

We arrive with a face cradle, bolsters, linens, microwaveable heat packs and oils or lotions when needed. 

We require from clients: 

  • Access to a chair, a bed, or location for floor mat (our portable face cradle and bolsters adjust to any of these) 

  • Access to a restroom and sink for hand washing

These points of access are the only requirement Please note we are completely judgement-free regarding the condition of your home. 


**This service is to extend accessibility to those who cannot meet our practitioners in-facility. We do not provide travel or outcall massage therapy when there is reasonable ability for the client to travel to our office, but we may be able to recommend other local massage therapists who do.

This service will be available in 2023

TO SCHEDULE: Submit a request by filling out the online form (click here to be directed to the form), and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Unplug and re-connect with yourself and those around you.

Gather 2 - 8 guests to getaway for any reason you can think of. We'll set up our party space with...

  • Refreshments (water, coffee, tea, veggies, fruits, snacks, etc)

  • A Yoga and Meditation area (Video & Audio instruction included)

  • Board games

  • Crafts and Activity books (coloring, journaling, etc)

  • A Social Area

  • Castor Oil Pack supplies

  • Heated blankets, heat pads, and fluffy slippers

  • A Nest & Nap floor mattress

  • Aromatherapy

  • Herbal Foot Steamer

  • Paraffin Wax station

  • Self Care Hygiene Supplies

  • Self-Serve Massage tools

and more.

Purchase Service Tickets from our Express Menu and guests will be invited out for massage services during the party.

This service will be available in 2023

Spa Party

Spa Parties & Group Retreats

COMING IN 2023...

Pricing Details:

Base Rates

Includes all self-service amenities, refreshments, admission for 2 guests, and 2 hour duration


  • Weekend $180

  • Weekday $160 


Additional Guest Rates

 2 guests included in base rate. Maximum total guests is 8.

  • $35 Per Additional Guest

Additional Time Rates

2 hours included in base rate. Maximum total time is 5 hours.


  • $40 Per Additional Hour


Service Tickets

Services must be scheduled within party time. For example, five 30 minute services require at least a 3 hour party. Each person may purchase multiple service tickets as long as it fits within party duration.


  • 15 Minute Services (Massage, Back Scrub, Foot Scrub & Massage, or Face and Scalp Massage) - $17 / person

  • 30 Minute Massages - $33 / person

  • 45 Minute Massages - $47 / person


Techniques & Modalities for Your Custom Session

Your informed consent matters.

Explore modalities for use in the Custom Therapeutic Sessions.


***Disclaimer: Links to Youtube videos are included in the descriptions for visual representations. Note that these demonstrations are simply samples of techniques. There may be many other ways to practice the techniques, and myself and Sanctuary Repose are not affiliated with the people or practices in the videos.




Relaxing and therapeutic massage, using oil for an array of smooth gliding strokes to improve circulation. This is the most common spa massage. Strokes on the limbs go towards the trunk to improve blood and lymph flow. Benefits include relief from mild aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, and greater flexibility. Country/Culture of origin: Sweden​

See a sample of Swedish massage techniques here.

Deep Tissue

Relieves tension in the deeper tissue layers. It uses oil for similar gliding strokes to Swedish massage with more pressure. Highly effective for releasing chronic stress areas from repetitive motions and past lingering injuries, it reduces scar tissue adhesions and improves range of motion. Due to the nature of the deep tissue work, open communication during the session is crucial to manage comfort levels. Mild soreness sometimes occurs after the treatment, and staying hydrated afterward is important.   Country/Culture of origin: Ancient Egypt, Canada* 

See an explanation and demonstration here

Myofascial Release

A very effective medicinal option, it can relieve chronic pain and symptoms, increase range of motion, and structurally rebalance misaligned areas of the body. Myofascial uses oil-free, slow traction over the skin and various stretches to work with fascia (connective tissue that covers all muscles, organs, and skeletal structures of the body). Pain usually originates from fascia rather than muscle, making this modality one of the best pain relievers even when other therapies have been unsuccessful. Pressure often starts light and gets deeper. Very different than the average spa service, it is versatile and can also be performed over clothes. It can sometimes aid non-muscular conditions via structural changes, like acid reflux, arthritis, and more. Country/Culture of Origin: United States*

See a brief explanation of myofascial release here, and an example here. Note that many therapeutic techniques are derived from myofascial release, and it is more of a category of techniques that interact with fascia rather than just muscle.


A gentle massage using gliding strokes and oil to safely and comfortably relax an expecting parent. The body goes through a lot of changes and stress during pregnancy! Relieving that stress allows time for parent and baby to bond, and reduces cortisol and other stress related hormones in the body that can affect mood, physical health, and fetal health. Please note that prenatal massage is done AFTER the first trimester for the safety of the child.  Country/Culture of Origin: India

Prenatal massage is commonly done in a side-lying position. You can see a demonstration of a few techniques while side-lying here.


General term for the technique of placing downward pressure with thumbs, hands, or elbows. A compression routine also uses kneading, and is a convenient and versatile option for many people. It can be done fully clothed on a chair, mat, or table, and is generally safe even in the presence of some circulatory problems. Pressure is easily adjusted to meet your comfort level. 

See an example of compressions here.

As I continue expanding my knowledge base, some techniques within these modalities may be available:

Shiatsu (指圧 translated: Finger Pressure)

Following meridians used in traditional Chinese medicine, this modality was adapted by Japanese culture. Pressure and compression are applied with the practitioner's fingers, thumbs, palms, hands, and feet, as well as assisted stretching. Meridians can be used to assist healing in various health conditions and impact other parts of the body via nerve and connective tissue pathways. It's effective at treating a range of conditions, pain symptoms, increasing range of motion, emotional wellbeing, and much more. Shiatsu can be done on a mat or a table. Country/Culture of origin: Japan

See a brief visual demonstration of some shiatsu techniques here and here. Note that the videos are narrated in Japanese. Auto-generated captions are available with the option to translate to English on the second video, but some terms may not translate directly. 


Very gentle touch and light pressure influences the movement of cerebrospinal fluid and connective tissue between cranial and spinal joints. There is a lot of misconception around this therapy. No massage is a cure-all. However, this modality is effective and well suited for trauma recovery, calming the nervous system, reducing connective tissue stress around the head and spine, reducing pain near the spine, reducing sinus congestion, and aiding the healing process for head or spinal trauma. Country/Culture of origin: United States* 

See one example of a craniosacral technique here.

Lymphatic Drainage

Aims to move lymph fluid through the body when there are areas of swelling. It is ideal after injuries or surgeries to reduce swelling, and can help with situations like Meniere's Disease and other illnesses impacted by build up of lymphatic fluid. Note it cannot be done when there is an active infection, since the lymphatic system plays a key role in the immune system.  Country/Culture of origin: Denmark

There are multiple techniques used to achieve drainage but you can see a demonstration of a gliding technique here.​


Compression of zones on the hands and feet that correlate with other organs and parts of the body. It is used for systemic benefits of any organ system. While not a cure, it can assist in the treatment of many health conditions and is safe for most people. Country/Culture of origin: Ancient China and Egypt

See an explanation of foot zones and basic techniques here, and a demonstration here.

Acupressure/Tui Na (推拿 translated: Push and Grasp)

Using the concept of meridians in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupressure is done by applying varying amounts and types of pressure to specific points along these pathways. Meridians carry qi, or life energy, so blockages throughout these pathways can cause symptoms or ailments. TCM has been practiced for centuries and is extremely effective at healing a wide range of conditions. Though many Western cultures underestimate the value of acupressure and TCM, practitioners of both medical systems have proven that there are neurological, muscular, and other anatomically significant structures at acupoints. It has been used in controlled research studies throughout the world to assist in healing various complex conditions, and is easy to implement in more simplified forms for studies or home use when needed points are identified. TCM uses various pulse points, associations of elements, seasons, colors, times, foods, senses, facial structures, and the appearance of the tongue to diagnose and assess conditions. While I'm unable to perform full assessments from this medical system, I am able to implement the use of basic points and techniques when medically applicable in a custom treatment session. Country/culture of origin: China

See a sample of acupressure techniques here. ​​​​

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A Note on Origin Cultures

     Many modalities as we know them today have been modified by Western societies. While notable therapists and doctors within Western countries such as the United States and Canada are credited with making some of the modalities famous, the origins of the therapies themselves are usually rooted in various other cultures, usually Eastern cultures, since ancient times. As a normal part of life and medical care, history books did not always report the use of these techniques as we know them today, or used different terminology. Origins marked with an asterisk are to note that while historical documents largely credit Western countries for the coining of terms and modern usage, they may not be the true source cultures.  

     Unfortunately, massage research in the United States is limited due to stigmatization by many other healthcare professions. However, there is increasingly growing research on its effectiveness, and plenty of research done around the world. Many massage education programs in the US do not teach in depth on more specific health benefits, techniques, and impacts, while others claim that massage and other alternative medicine is a cure all. No one therapy is a magical cure, but it is a very powerful treatment in many cases. Keep up to date with some studies of specific modalities and conditions they treat in the Resource Center

​​​​​​Footnote Regarding Reiki Services


**Reiki is a form of energetic and spiritual healing culturally specific to Japan. Often, the term is misused in the West, or a westernized modification of Reiki is used without this being specified. Until I have been authentically trained on traditional Reiki healing methods, I choose to use the general term “energy work” when referring to similar energetic healing patterns that pull from multiple different origins. Western societies commonly label these practices “Reiki” even when, through extensive modifications, it may not be the most appropriate description of the service. 


My training consists currently of Kundalini Reiki, which is a Reiki derivative that is not solely Japanese in origin. I advertise with the term Reiki for colloquial understanding of the services being given, but advocate for understanding that it is a version that pulls from a wider set of energetic practices, including the Chakra system used in Ayurvedic medicine (India). 


Versions of energy work and spiritual healing have been used since ancient times in all parts of the world, and every origin and derivative, including combinations of them, are powerful and useful. Creating this understanding simply allows us to practice without furthering the spread of misinformation, and continue respecting the origins of these practices in which context and culture can be greatly important. It also allows us to maintain authenticity of the practice, and choose sources of education wisely.  


In requesting energy work or Kundalini Reiki for your service, we can work in healing aspects of the aura, balancing chakras, releasing and letting go of traumatic or painful spiritual holding patterns, intuitive energetic regulation, and guiding or healing spiritual connections.   

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